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About ZweigModel.com

I first read Martin Zweig's timeless classic Winning on Wall Street back in the early 90's, and like many readers I was fascinated with the prospect of being able to use the rational application of logic to something as mysterious as investing.

Unfortunately, the data required to build the various indicators are difficult to compile and haven't been updated since early 1993.

The purpose of this site is to provide an interactive update of the models described in the book, with an emphasis on allowing the user to modify various parameters. There will also be sections showing how each indicator was built, with the hope to build a community around making intelligent modifications.

I hope that you are patient - the models will be up soon! We will be releasing one model at a time, instead of waiting for all of them to be finished so be sure to check back frequently!

I will be blogging about the process if you're interested in following along.